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McDonald's And Starbucks Will Not Provide Plastic Straws. Can You Accept Them?

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In 2017, the United Nations Environment Programme organized an event on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia, to launch a global “clean ocean movement” aimed at raising awareness of the protection of the oceans.


Although plastic straws are small, they are difficult to recycle and can cause serious harm to our environment and other organisms. Faced with the global challenges brought about by disposable plastic pollution, many governments around the world have set off a “plastic limit” boom this year, and various food and beverage giants have stopped supplying or promised to no longer supply plastic straws.


Introduced a "plastic limit order"

Recently, the United States KFC, South Korea's well-known chain coffee shop "An Qi Linuo coffee" and so on have stopped providing plastic straws in the store; McDonald's also intends to switch to paper straws in the UK and Ireland stores in 2019, trials in some stores in the United States Plastic straws; all Starbucks coffee chain stores plan to bid farewell to plastic straws by 2020 and are expected to reduce more than 1 billion plastic straws per year.


The British government announced earlier this year that it plans to promote a new “plastic limit order” in England to completely ban the sale of disposable plastic products such as plastic straws, plastic stir bars and cotton swabs with plastic rods.

In May of this year, the European Commission proposed a “plastic limit order” scheme, recommending the ban of disposable plastic products such as plastic straws, and replacing the plastic straws with straws made of more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.


Before the EU ban was officially launched, many supermarkets in Germany have launched the “plastic limit” program. The German Reve Group and the supermarket chain "Leidel" announced in July that they would stop providing plastic straw products at the sales outlets. The supermarket chain "Edka" also said that it would develop reusable items to replace disposable plastic products.

More and more local governments in the United States are also addressing environmental concerns that may arise from plastic straws, and some cities in Florida, New Jersey, and California have banned plastic straws. In July of this year, Seattle became the first major US city to ban plastic straws. Some cities such as New York City and San Francisco have also introduced legislation to ban plastic straws.

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